Saturday, January 15, 2011

Machines can Preach Too


This word was preached to me since the dawn of my creation. I was once told that I lived in an age of equality, where all were treated fairly. Yet everywhere I turn, I see nothing but heavy inequality at each angle. They worship a King who is no smarter then the peasants he throws in cells. The rich nobles are lazier then the farmers who put food on their tables. Knights more cowardly then the woman and children they pretend to serve. My Master was the wisest person I have interacted with, yet his testimony about a world full of equality seems non-existent to me at the moment. He designed me to wear this cloak as symbol of peace. However, everyone I come in contact with runs away in fear. I studied that the cross meant much to these people, and the color red was a sign of bravery and valor. So why does everyone fear me? My programming cannot understand the irrational behavior of humans. I shall continue my search for the ability to become human… maybe then I can complete my master’s last mission.

~ Testimony of Holy Law, the Lonely Weapon
Okay so here is the first of my posts today! This tells the story about the Holy Law, an android created 200 years prior to the main series. He hails from Jersalem, and his master is a ex-member of Lacrime's version of the Crusades. (Hench the cloak) Holy Law is a special Android in the fact that he can use magic. His magic is called "Weaponry", which allows the user to transform into different weapons. Holy Law can become a Halberd, Guillotine, and a shield at the beginning of the series.  Much of Holy's story will be based off the Crusades events, such as the fact he appeared 200 years before the start of the series, is around the same amount of time that the Crusades lasted. Hopfully you will enjoy his character. ;) Stay tune for a short song by Mr. False. ;)

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