Saturday, January 15, 2011

"False" By Ken Giovanni

Oh silly robot,
Speaking of equality…
Oh silly robot,
Searching for balance…

Your ignorance screams to me
Like wild bull…
Your kindness saddens me,
Because it’ll do no good.
This world we live in
Is so simple and so clear:

Now silly robot,
Listen up right here,
There’s nothin’ equal
About this living hell…

I wish there was an easier way
To break your heart but since there ain’t I’ll say

Now silly robot
Lend me your ear,
I got all the truths
In my mind so clear…

There’s no law in this land,
The strong live,
And the weak get killed,
So wise up and get to faking…
-End Chorus-

You say would like,
To act yourself.
The biggest problem, now
Is that won’t help.
These people don’t give a damn,
They want your soul
And nothing else.
So you better straighten up,
Or I’ll beat you down.
It better I do it,
So you don’t find out…

The truth about this plain,
Listen up cause I’ll tell you anyway…
-Chorus x3-
-End of Song-

~ Lyrics to “False” By Ken Giovanni, Maestro of Illusions

Hey guys! So here is a song by Ken Giovanni, who goes mostly by his pen name False Maestro. This song is sung in the story along a piano and clarinet. It still needs a little tweaking, but once I get all the deatils worked out I will repost the revised version just for your eyes. ;D

Want a hint at the Lyricist magic? A clarinet and piano are the mediums.

As you could tell by his strange choice in names, False has always stuck out around his friends. If he wasn't stuck in his room practicing on his piano and clarinet, he was making a fool of himself with his peers. The only friend he ever made ended up dead by his own hand. Or so the story goes. After turning twenty, he left his hometown of Umbridge(Same location as Umbria on Earth) to go study music at Zone(Rome). There he got into contact with DJ Mussolini, a wanted illsuionist who taught him to use the lost magic "Lyricist". How does he end up with the heroes? You'll have to wait until the start of the book for that information. ;) False was one of the most enjoyable characters I have worked on out of the whole class next to Holy Law. Now, for the last post of today, you will get the lovely Ms. Eva Lux. ;) So come back at around 7 p.m.! Ta ta for now!


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