Friday, January 21, 2011

Simple Insanity

What is insanity?

Not the dictionary definition, but where does it start morally? Since in this world, there are exceptions to every rule. With all these exceptions, loopholes are formed in the law, and criminals find these loopholes. Now this already weak "moral justice" has allowed the darkest of evil to rise to power. That's why justice no longer rules. The holy world of Terra has passed up that state of mind. No, here only the dangerous survive. The one who is a threat to friend and foe alike... Oh mierda... Very few can understand my brand of madness. However very soon you will bow at my knees regardless. Until then, stay dangerous my friends...

~ Prince Garduno's message to the public


Okay so I am currently suffering intense migraines, so I struggled to write this believe it or not :P On a good note you get to meet another villain of the story! Abbel will represent Spanish and all of it's races cultures mixed together. If you haven't noticed as well, Henry's two biggest rivals are of British and Spanish cultures, while henry will be of American. These countries are known to have big rivalries, so this is the base for each of languages that are chosen. Anywho, Abbel is a Cancellor just like Henry and Eva. The difference, is he is a Dark Cancellor. This means that he controls the element of darkness. His secondary magic is Arcane as well.

Now that is all that I have today, but I will be posting the final post on Sunday. So check back then!


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