Friday, January 7, 2011

Friday huh?


How has everyone been this week? I hope it has be out of the ordinary, because what fun is normal? ;) SO first off, on the Sunday after this upcoming one, the whole blog will start doing a Q&A session on sundays either every week or every other week. This will change depending on how many questions we get regularly. Juat send your questions to us over facebook, to either Alex or I's email, or thruogh the new questions box you can find on the right-hand side now. Secondly, today I actually struggled to write anything all day, but I have a prose I wrote about a friend who left back overseas last sunday. It's called "Losing." I hope you will enjoy it!

You know....

Today one of my close friend left to go back over seas. All day today I have been reminded of him in some way, whether be the colors of his home's flag, or the musical instrument that we both play.

I bleed for his host family, who have to deal with the thought he'll walk out at any moment. He'll come down the steps at anytime in the basement. I worry for the clarinet gang, as he injected the life into every party, cool with everyone...

It hurts to think that I'm going to walk into school and not see him sitting by the band hall door. That I won't see him after school, heard his funny german accent.... It's like losing a brother. I only move on cause it is harder for him. That on our family tree, we are losing one leaf, but he's leaving thousands. I know how that feels, because I have been in that situation. Multiple times I have wished to be on that other side. Because I thought those people would never truly understand... but now I am on the other side. Now I understand how they feel, and it still hurts.

I now know there is one thing worse then losing a friend. That's having them taken away.

So whatcha think? >:) I wrote this two days after my friend left. Now I fully understand how it feels to be my friends when they watched me moved, or at least how the ones that cared felt. Remember if you have any stories send them to and I'll post them as soon as possible.

~Quinton, The Boy who puts Life into Words

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