Friday, January 14, 2011

Journal Entry of a Geeky Russian


The Russian term for “soul.” It was also the name of a song my mother would hum to me before I went to sleep every night as a child. I never learned the words for that song, as my mother told me I would have to wait until I got married to and had kids before I would even understand their meaning. Now I never will learn them…

A car crash took away my mother, and my chance to have children. Oh, well though, I was never really the mother type. My brother went insane when they died, where he always stays locked up studying magic and “experimenting”. He keeps the boys away that’s for sure. Not that I was exactly a heartbreaker before then anyway. All we have left of our parents are the old designs for millions of toys, so my brother and I opened up a toy shop. But no one comes, because the parents all think we are demons, so we sell them to other toy makers in secret, who in turn sell them for us. It’s hard getting by, but we are only barely starving, much better then the others in my village. Things could be worse wrong?

~ Journal Entry as of January 15, 2033, by the Mad Genius, Natalia Konstantinov


Toy Soldiers anyone?

So this is the first of the Konstantinov twins, Natalia is one of the main protangonists along with her brother, who you will see later tonight. Natalia is the only character to lack the ability to use magic, however she is a genius inventor. She can also team up with her brother to infuse her machines and toys with souls, making it possible to fight enemies and create armies of immortal tools. Her main color is white, as she often referred to as the Yang of the two twins. Around 7 tonight I will reveal Dimitri, so stay tuned until then!


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