Sunday, January 23, 2011


"When someone looks at you, what do you see?"

I can't tell you how many times I have had someone asked me this question. Half the time I would like to say, "I don't know, why don't you ask them shithead?" However seeing as this is not a reasonable answer, I simply give the same bullshi-nay nay over and over.  Funny, Smart, Vibrant, Loyal, a great friend. These lies are all that are needed however. Mainly because I am public enemy number one regardless. My folks were war heroes when they were around my age. The man they managed to kill made one last prediction about how on the same day as my birthday the tool to destroy the world would be born. So, I unfournately was deemed as a monster and ordered to be killed. Now I hide under a different name, away from the public, for a crime I didn't even commit. All because a mad man pulled one last trick? It's bullshi-nay nay.

However, I had managed to fit into the public as the arrogant little genius. Somehow I also got this title as a womanizer. I don't see how, all women love power. Power is what I have. With power I can prove all of these fools wrong. I will make them shake in fear as they have to hide who they are...

Or so I thought... Until that faithful night. The night she died... Her name was Zelda, and a childhood friend of mine. She was a complete freak, but I didn't mean to get her killed... I mean they were her uncles! Who's uncles would rape and kill them? I mean yeah she warned me, but this girl was so loopy! now I'm seeing doubles of her in Eva, stuck in a world that has branded me a criminal without knowing me, and I have to SAVE these people? Whatever happened to karma?

~Intercepted message of Wanted Mage, Henry the Outsider


How is life my friends? So the final of the Lacrime posts is here! And who better to end with then the protangonists himself, Henry the Outsider. Now "The Outsider" is not his last name, but the name of the pistol he will be famous for using. Like I have mentioned before, Henry is one of the three main Cancellors of the story. He is a Lightining Cancellor at the start of the story, obtaining his magic against his will. Like all Cancellors he also had to learn some secondary skills to allow him to fight without his Cancellor skills. Henry uses a mainly augment spells and his magic gun "The Outsider", which can create bullets out of the fire magic in the air or using special shells can perform various magic spells.

Henry was made to represent the arrogance of my youth as well give life's perspective. Now that those posts are over, I will be returning to work on finishing the touches on Pieces, which you should check back soon for more information. Have a great Sunday my friends!


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