Saturday, January 15, 2011

Interview with a Rebel



The only two things in this world that are guaranteed.

You’re not guaranteed to grow rich. To have a chance at love. Nor are you promised a remotely happy life. There is a difference between knowing that others have it worse then you, and understanding it. If there was anything my father hated more then the empire, it was ignorance. For that very reason, I have created a clan to lend the ignorant. Not necessarily the strong, but ignorant. Because knowledge can make anyone powerful. Look at how I made it this far, I won battles simply due to the ignorance of others to my strength. I will keep battling to terminate the Emperor my father helped raise to power. I cannot guarantee I will dissolve the empire itself, but your death will be coming soon Emperor Cover. Don’t worry; this isn’t some little girl trying to act tough. You don’t have to believe me though, because when my boot is stuck up your ass that will do quite nicely.

~ Quote from Divine Cancellor, Eva Lux, co-leader of Lacrime Von Yume

Okay first off, you may have noticed that Eva's last name has changed. That is due to the fact that I felt Lux would work much better, so I changed it. If you haven't noticed, everyone has represented a different country and language so far. Eva however will not represent one country, but will represent the latin language. Her story is to vital to the story to reveal anymore then you can already infer from the passage, but what I can tell you is she is the female lead of the story, and uses the forbidden "Cancel" elemental magic.

"Cancel" is a brand of magic that strips the magic out of the air, unlike other forms of magic that recycles it. The problem is that this permanently uses the magic up. Although her magic will be much stronger then others, she can't use it as much. This forces her to learn other forms of magic, like "Clairvoyance", "Augment(Body)", and "Shield". Well that's all for today, but check back tomorrow for another character, the wicked Abbel!


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