Friday, January 14, 2011

Journal Entry of a Sadistic Genius




Or my personal favorite, Demon.

These are all words that have been used to describe me in the past few years. I am considered insane by my colleagues for my genius. Simply because they are too stupid to grasp my intellect. Too slow to match wits with my “insanity”. I ask one simple question however, is it insanity to dissect a few dogs and monkeys for the advancement of mankind? We kill humans all the time, but no one ever says shit about that. War, car crashes, guns misfiring, police shooting down criminals. One heartless demon took my parents from me, but he got off with six months in jail and is now living it up on the high streets of Moscow.

This world’s greatest geniuses and wealthiest men all had one thing in common; they were all a little fucked up in mind, body, or dusha. At least according to other people. If my sister would let me, I would start experimenting on humans, but she says that it’s horrible and immoral. Why? Everyone else does. Yet when I try to do it, it’s considered immoral? The only one who is trying to actually do some good for mankind? Blah, now I know how our late ancestor felt… idiocy is everywhere. If only we could trim down the population a bit… so Sis, what do you say? Can we kill them? Please?

~ Journal Entry as of January 14, 2033, by the Devil’s Apprentice Dimitri Konstantinov

Here's the second character that I will be doing today. As you can see, he is a little darker minded then his positive sister. Although this entry may contradict this view, Dimitri is actually a good guy in Lacrime. Fucked up I know, but he is a very moral person who will actually aid setting Henry on the right course. Of the twins, he is the only one who can use magic. He specializes in a dark magic called "Kalga Master", which allows him to place the souls of the undead into inanimate objects. His color in the book is black, to represent Yang. Chris has graciously allowed me to post tomorrow as well. So unfournately there will be no Ankoku no Ki this week, but next week there will be a much longer piece to make up for the skip. ;)  Check back tomorrow for Holy Law and False Maestro!


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