Thursday, January 13, 2011

Some like it Dark

There are many kinds of smiles….

There are the kinds you give during a performance…

         Kinds you give at an interview to seem sane…

Kind you give right before you go ape-shit…

The question is, what is a smile?...

     Some would said, “A muscular reaction to joy”… I say it’s nothing more then a tool used to signal happiness whether it is there or not. A smile is a quick, makeshift mask used to trick the homo sapiens around you. Why? The reason is simple. Humans couldn’t give a rat’s ass what happens to you. If you have no value to them, they simply toss you aside.

      If you pose a danger, your "friends" then attempt to take your life. With a smile, the few so called "decent" monsters flock around you. A smile is a mask used to fit in and get what you want. The term "fake" smile doesn’t even exist because no smile is ever "real." Life is a war zone, and the smilers are the spies. Give up on this happiness thing real quick, and you might make it a day or two. But hell, since you’re all idiots anyway, you’ll die either way. So pick a victim, slap on a smile, and go ape-shit.

~From the Sinful collections of Steven Oliver Sheridan, the 6th Sin


Hey guys! So Terra couldn't post today, so I thought I would give you a special treat instead. For the next few weeks I will be introducing the main characters for Lacrime, in random order. I thought best to start strong and go with Henry's rival throughtout the book. Easily one of my favorites. ;) Here is the order each character will be revealed:

  1. Steven "Olly" Sheridan
  2. Dimitri and Natalia
  3. Holy Law
  4. False Maestro (Real name Ken Giovanni)
  5. Eva Presley
  6. Abbel Garduno
  7. Henry the Outsider
So tomorrow's willbe Dimitri and Natalia. ;) I will be posting each one at seperate times during the day so stay tuned for them! That's all for today!



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