Tuesday, December 28, 2010

100th Post

Well then, today is in fact the 100th post of Life In Fiction. Yes I'm the lucky girl who gets the gig. Don't ask me how! I honestly believe that Quinton or Alex should've gotten it since they've been here the longest BUT it is Tuesday (even though it feels like Wednesday to me) and I post on Tuesdays (except last Tuesday, but that is only due to my creative block). So, to celebrate the 100th post of L.I.F., I am going to post one of my recently written poems that I believe to be one of my best.

Glass Castle

My life is a glass castle
beautiful to look at,
The sun shines off of the walls
making them glitter.
It is grand.
Awe inducing.

But then, 

I've got to live in it.

It gets hot as the glass keeps in the sun's heat,
It gets cold in the winter with no insulation,
Everything I do, the world can see.

Its a good thing I don't have anything to hide.

And the slightest bit of damage,
could destroy it all.

No, its not quite so grand to live in.
But looking at it you could never tell.

And people ask me
"How wonderful is it,
to live in such a beautiful place?"

And I just smile back,
nod my head,
and say

"It makes a wonderful view doesn't it?
But tell me,
how would you like to live
in a place where all can see,
where damage done can never be repaired,
and it takes a year's worth of spring cleaning, 

to make it look nice?
How would you like to live forever exposed?"

And they say
"How wonderful is it to live there?"

I sigh and reply,
"Its wonderful. Simply amazing."
because they won't ever understand.


So, that is L.I.F.'s 100th post. I hope you guys like it. 

~Anora Anakaya~

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