Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Where for art thou Anora Anakaya?

It's Tuesday, which would usually mean a new post from Anora. Unfortunately, she's not feeling the best today, so your friendly neighborhood demon of greed, Alex, is here to fill in.

Usually, "filling in" would just mean posting one of my many poems, but Joseph's piece yesterday inspired me to go a step further. He talked about love and a sort of hope that comes from such a faith that is held so respectably in his heart. As a heavily agnostic person, I don't share such a faith. So, I started thinking about a nonreligious scenario where the same love is needed, but simply isn't there. There's nothing fancy about the piece, and no title to thrill you, and (in my eyes) doesn't compare to Joseph's piece, but it shares the mood of what is really needed during this holiday season.


I stare at all the happy people on tv. Them with their families, it’s the kind of happiness I always wish to see. There’s usually no happiness when December around. My family’s never cheery when Christmas comes to town. 

“So, what do you want for Christmas this year, Alexander?” asked my dad, changing the channel to CNN. Apparently, some starving children wouldn’t be getting a Christmas dinner. Only ten years old, I stood behind him as he sat on the couch, only half paying attention to whether or not I answered his question.
“What do I want this year?” I answered. “Maybe I want a new video game, or some music to make me grin. How about some candy? Yes,” my eyes went wide with joy, “a huge licorice tin. What do I want this year? I really want a new computer, something that’ll let me write more, something that’ll make me happy, and make my life less a bore.”
“Really, Alexander?” said my father. He turned off the television and looked back at me with an incredulous look. “No wonder I named you Azazel, you’re greedier than Scrooge!”
“Am not!” I blushed red in embarrassment.
“C’mon, look at what you’re asking me for: 1. video games; 2. music; 3. candy; 4. more candy; 5. a computer…” he scoffed. “Whatever happened to wanting hope or peace for Christmas? Whatever happened to giving to others to make their holidays better?”
“But, dad—!”
 “I’m serious Alexander… Think about all the people out there who are less fortunate, all those people who have nothing. If you’re going to be so greedy, then all you’re going to get is service hours helping the poor.”
“I just—”
“We’re done talking, Alexander.” He turned on the television and more depressing news from CNN filled the empty air between us. The only place I’d get what I wanted was in my head. That’s when it hit me. Maybe I didn’t actually want electronics or licorice. Maybe what I truly wanted…what I truly needed was for love to find me.

What do I want...
What do I need...
Maybe this year I’ll get something in between...

Life is always harder without love from those you want it from most, no?

Check back tomorrow for a new post from Megan, I'm sure it'll be spectacular. She hasn't shared anything so far that hasn't blown my mind.
Also, remember to come back on Christmas, if you're not to busy opening presents and drinking egg nog. Along with some Christmas wishes from some of the Life In Fiction writers, I'll be posting Ankoku no Ki, Chapter 3: "Running From Fate."

Provehito in altum

~Alexander Azazel Arlington 

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