Friday, December 31, 2010

Is Depression a Gift?


Happy News Years... Eve! I hope everyone is having an amazing holiday break!

Before I get to my post for today, I would to take this time for what I'm thankful for. I would like to thank all of my fellow bloggers, who have helped to to make this blog even more sucessful. :) Second, I would like to thank all my friends, who have supported my writing and have my back through all of it from start to finish. Lastly, I would like to thank all our readers, for checking in on the blog, as we have had as many as 9 different countries check into our blog. :) Thank you and let's hope for a sucessful 2011 as well. ;)

Now, my post for today will be the start of the next discussion topic! If the title hasn't already given it away, the topic question asks "Is Depression a Gift?" Or better put, is it a gift to writers? Now I know that seems like a moronic question to some, but hear me out. When someone suffers from a depression, you tend to focus on the negatives of life, and rightfully so. But depression humbles you, allowing you to enjoy the little things, making it easier somewhat to happy. Last I checked, being happy is the one of the ultimate goals in life, if not the ultimate.

I personally also find that it's much easier to write when I'm upset, sad, or angry over something. This makes creating a real environment much easier, especially if I'm attempting to recreate the emotion I am feeling at the moment. My best work has always come when I'm in this state, from Closing the Distance to half of Pieces.

The fact of the matter is the best stories rarely, if ever, is about the happiest guy in the universe where everything has gone right. There is almost always something wrong with him, but it is how he ultimately rises above it(or in some cases, falls) that hooks you to the story. These characters are much easier to write and create if you are feeling their problems.

Now you might think I'm crazy to think that depression is a gift. Heck, maybe only my twisted way of thinking could find any good in it, but maybe someone else out there follows my same way of thinking. So you know my take, what's yours? E-mail me at, or check out the facebook page where the topic will be up. Check back after New Years for a special version of Questions with Quinton!

Happy New Years, and remember to "Always put Life into Words."


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