Wednesday, December 15, 2010

This Has To Be Real

i smelt home (the faint sea breeze air following my every step)
and i smelt your cologne (beautiful baby it makes me love you more)
i saw the trees that we twirled beneath and fell (those palm trees i used to love like you)
and i saw as the world spun, (as i swung trying to capture the moments before goodbye)

i felt those cotton sheets that wrapped us into one
and i felt my disguise stripped away by your eyes
i heard your little white lies of love that tore me apart
and “i heard you found peace of mind” (and yet, i’ve not found mine)

i’ve tasted your lips on mine (oh how sweet they were)
and i’ve tasted that burn of bourbon (trying to get rid of you)
i was your lover and dancer into the night (light?)
and i was your hidden treasure (you almost cared for)

and even though this is all fiction, i am still your broken forgotten toy left in the rain
for all to see, and there’s nothing, except that, that i can ever be

i wrote this about a year ago. but, school's almost out lovelies, and i'm ready to write something new.
- Megan

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