Wednesday, December 8, 2010



Surprise! So normally Megan would handle Wednesdays, but I had some issues so I had to do it a few days early. I will be writing on Fridays starting next week though. However I have some interesting news for you guys today!

First off, Life in Fiction has moved to YOUTUBE! Oh snap! That's right, the writers of youtube will be posting vlogs now along with our posts on the site. XD the channel is still under the works, but as soon as we have it going we will let you know! Also, I am setting up an interview with Riotimage to talk about the blog and upcoming events, and you might get some insiders information on my book. ;)

The color idea is generic, but there is more then one way to emotionalize a color.

Lastly, to give an update on my books, I have finished the plot for Lacrime, which is the last thing I will be doing for the Embel series in 2010. Secondly, Pieces will be taking longer due to plot issues. However, my collections book will be going along as planned. It's name is still a work in progress, but the book is separated into sections based on colors. Each color will represent a different emotion. Generic I know. However the emotions are taken in a path that many wouldn't expect. ;) For example, Green will represent the emotion of "greed". Blue the emotion of "loneliness". Emotions like sadness and anger won't be found as core sections. The name currently is "Defining Emotion". Stay tune for the rest of to read some awesome writing from the rest of the staff!



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