Wednesday, December 22, 2010

messing with your heads a little...

What’s this feeling? I thought in the comforts of my own mind. No, it’s not a feeling. More of a lack of it.

“Are you talking to yourself Flynn?”

The voice of an adolescent girl broke me of my pseudo-haven. So much for thinking to myself... I looked up to find myself staring at a dark-skinned girl in a tight, short red dress. She had short hair and glasses with zebra frames. I glanced around to find the area was similar to my high school gymnasium, only with millions of teens in semi-formal wear and santa hats grinding on one another. Then I remembered that I was currently attending my high school’s Christmas dance.

“Why are you sitting around like a loner? Get up and dance!” the girl shouted over the loud music in the background.

“I’m tired Shay! Geez…” I sighed. Five others soon joined us.
“What’s up you two?” my best friend James asked with a grin. “Are you two having a secret love fest?”
“Flynn’s probably still tired silly!” his girl Ami replied.
“Come on Shay let’s rest as well.” Shay’s date pleaded, sweat dripping down his forehead.
“See what you started Flynn!”
“Don’t blame me!”

We all laughed and each took a seat. “So Flynn what were you being sad about over here?”
“Nothing.” I said back, eyes closed, while I was biting into a candy cane.
“Come on, we know you better then that Mr. Depression.” My friend Dre poked.

It’s true; I had recently entered a depressed state. I had to take weeks of counseling, and lost a lot of friends in the processed. Hell, I went as far as to commit suicide. However, these guys have stuck by me. They are my “nakama”, or our term for family.

“I’m actually fine Dre. I’m happy, which is what’s bothering me…”
“I’m not following babe.” Dre’s girlfriend Carrie said to me.
“I’m happy. I have great friends. I now am making hundreds off a book I wrote about the situation, got a full ride into Syracuse for journalism, along with you guys, so I never have to worry about being alone. Yet I still feel like something is missing…”

“Eh, I think what you’re missing is this sick dance!” Jeff broke in.

“Look babe...” Carrie said leaning on my shoulder, “The only thing you need to do is enjoy this night! After all it's Christmas... Eve at least!! Come on let’s get back out there!”

Suddenly the music switched to a slower beat, the beat of a song only I recognized.

“What is this?” Ami asked curiously.

Stand By Me by Prince Royce.” I answered.

Immediately the girls’ faces lit up, and they took their respective man out onto the dance floor, leaving me alone. I stood looking around at everyone dancing with their significant other. My heart slowly began to ache more and more with each person I saw, until my eyes locked onto one girl who delivered the kill shot. I saw my ex, Vegas, dancing with her new boyfriend. My heart sank in defeat. I then had an epiphany about my missing emotion. It was the thing that caused my depression, the love of someone else to call my own. Love that no amount of friendship could ever replace… So all I could was take a seat, and wait for the next song to come on.


Okay guys, sorry it took so long to get this post up, I had to post a little early this week so I had rework this earlier then I made plans to. Megan will be posting on Friday however so don't worry!

As for the story, it's a piece I wrote to go along with the theme of love that is needed but just wasn't there. Flynn is a boy on top of the world, who has everything you could really want, except for that one key element: love. It just goes to show how little life would mean without love, the most powerful force on this planet by far... Well stay tune tomorrow for an awesome piece by Tara! I'll see you guys on Christmas!(hint, hint)



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