Thursday, December 2, 2010


Hi! I'm the new writer. I will going by Anora Anakaya on the site. (if you wanna know why just ask).
Just a little bit about me. I currently have several, what I like to call, writing projects. These projects have begun in third grade (yes i still have my writings from then and I'm still in love with my ideas). My most recent and so far most advanced is called "The Warrior, The Rouge, and The Healer" for lack of a better name. I started it my freshman year of high school during midterm exams. I will not be posting any of it yet for sake of its incompleteness. However, I am more than willing to share some poetry.
That be said, here is my first contribution.



A room full of boxes
  of things we wish to keep

Friends for the last time
  seen to wave goodbye

A heap in a corner
  of things to throw away.

A summer or two
  a day here and there

A chance to remember
  and no longer be there.


This piece was inspired by the many times I have moved during my short life. Its one of the few things you'll see from me that is actually based off my life (don't worry its not the only one). I prefer fiction over non-fiction and you'll soon see that. Its also one my least favorite pieces but I hope you guys enjoyed it. 

~expect the unexpected~
Anora Anakaya

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