Friday, December 3, 2010

I had a dream...yes, another one...

Hey everyone, I hope you liked Anora's first post. I know I did :)
Today, I have two items for you all. So, let's get this party started!

So, do you see the picture to the right
Her name is Nicole Hope Anderson, and she will be the second main character the book I'm writing, titled Shattered Lies.
(Btw. for those of you who didn't know, Bleeding Truth, the sequel, is on a slight hiatus, from being finished simply because I don't have the time to edit it right now...)
Anyways, Nicole will be second only to Alex in the story which will go deep into Alex's fight for salvation and sanity and Nicole's inability to see the truth, whether in love or morality.
The story is about half way done and should be finished early 2011, hopefully Bleeding Truth will be finished by then and ready to seek publishing.
(That is, as long as I'm not too lazy >.>)

Due to some previous incidents with posting actual excerpts from Shattered Lies online, the first time anyone who's not on Life In Fiction's crew will see the story in full will probably be after I find a publisher, but, until then, let's digress onto the second item I have for you today...

The following is a personal narrative I wrote a few days ago based on a strange dream I had. I love the direction the storyline leads, so I thought I might share it with you. So here it is.


Dream 12/2/10

"Hey Alex," she said to me cheerily as I walked into the house of Heinzel, thinking deeply about a girl who was most likely miles away at the time. The greeter's name was Amelia Heinzel, daughter of two hard working laborers of, otherwise, no importance. She was about half a foot shorter than me, but made up for her short stature with the size of her vibrant smile. She wore casual, conservative clothing, colored in bright pastels from head to toe. Her brunette, shoulder length hair was brushed back neatly, probably in anticpation of my arrival.

"Buenos tardes," I responded, attempting to match her favorable smile with a wide grin of my own. The sound of the front door clicked behind me as I gazed out into the modest, middle-class home. Turning back around, I could see how much she enjoyed my Spanish. Her smile's sarcasm always gave away the discomfort her face refused to show.

"You know I don't speak Spanish," she said while walking to me.

"Oh, I know," I laughed. In a warm embrace, I wrapped my arms around her in a large bear hug.

"You know, you're a jerk...but I did miss you." A sweet fragrance entered my nostrils. The smell was familiar, but reminded me nothing of Amelia. My mind began to drift backwards in time to the girl who would wear such a fragrance every time we were together. The perfume was unmistakable, just as the sight of how beautiful she was in my arms as we laid outside, beneath the stars that she'd one day study. That was only a week before... "Alex?"

"Hm?" Amelia's clear blue eyes stared deep into mine.

"I said that I missed you and you said nothing..."

"Oh, sorry..." The concerned look in her eyes revealed the point that I didn't want to make.

"You were thinking about her again, weren't you?"

"Yeah...I was..." There was suddenly no way for me to escape the growing tension. My mind went blank for the sake of trying to imagine a better remedy. When she released the grip of her arms upon my abdomen and turned her back to me, I knew what was coming next.

"What's so great about her anyways? What does Rached have that I don't?"

"Well, she is my girlfriend--"

"Why can't I be your girlfriend?!" The statement exploded from her mouth as she turned back to me just as suddenly.

"Because..." I stopped my words when I saw the tears forming below her once happy eyes.

"'Because...' what?"



"I said nothing!" I exclaimed fiercefully, she shrank back slightly in shock of my tone. "Look, I came here today to tell you...that I can't do this anymore."

"What do you mean?" The tears from before had become more noticeable. Crystal-clear drops, as blue as her eyes, began to fall softly onto her delicate cheeks. Ralization had obviously entered her mind.

"I can't be unfaithful to Rachel anymore... I can't live like this!" I raised my voice once more.

"But...Alex..." I slowly walked back to the door and opened it coolly, refusing to take a second look at Amelia's sad, soaked face.

"I'm sorry, Amelia, I really am."

"Just get out of here..." she whispered meekly in a tone that would have never come from the cheery, bright Amelia Heinzel only minutes before. I complied with her and escaped through the portal. Without trying to put a bandage on the situation at hand, I left the Heinzel house in favor of the cool, calm air of a mild spring. The door closed softly behind me, enhancing the effect of the silence the neighborhood around me seemed to keep treasured so avidly. I couldn't help but think that some how the door was some sort of symbol for the relationship between Amelia and I.

A furious shake of my head dispelled my thoughts. It was all behind me. My mind had better, happier things to focus on as I walked down the sidewalk to my humble home. Later, I would go to my friend's part and see my girlfriend. Her beauty would be enough to dispel my fears and shatter the lies I had previously held so tightly.

What'd you think?
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Provehito in Altum

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