Monday, December 20, 2010

Hey guys, Christmas is this week!

Well guys, its that time of year, and Quinton asked me to start the week off with a Christmas poem, usually thats hard for me, because usually Christmas is kind of a depressing time of the year for me, but I'm pretty good this year, and have a ton that I've been blessed with.
I have a wonderful family, good friends, an incredible girlfriend, and most of all my salvation through Jesus Christ.

So I decided to write from the perspective of a non believer, asking Santa Clause for Love, but he then finds Santa cannot deliver true love.

* * * * * *
By the fire glow I sit
waiting for some kind of tip
some sign, of the things to be mine.

Hey santa, are you real?
prove it, I want to feel.
I want to see, i want you to appear to me.

do you hear my wishes.
what if i asked for some mistletoe kisses?
not even you could grant that.

But santa I write you anyways.
because I long for someone to believe in.
someone who can make dreams come true.

Christmas morning comes,
There is no love,
no one to cherish.

You have failed me again santa,
year by year,
you lead me on good sir.

That night, as i stared at my Christmas tree
the angel on top began to sing to me.

"Good son, good son, please do not stray this day. you asked good old saint nick, for something he could not give you.
you see Santa is a spirit, he can bring you no real love. For the real love is from the man who is birth was today.
He was born in a manger, quietly you see, and was crucified on a hill, on the mount they call calvary.
He was sent by his father, to die don't you see, all for the love of you, and me."

The angel disappeared, and with a new perspective,
I knelt and I began to pray.
Dear Lord, I said.

Take me as a son,
take me as your child,
My savior, hold me in your care.

That Christmas brought forth the true love in this life, the love of Lord Jesus Christ.

* * * * * * *

There you have it, in my faith, only Christ can deliver the true love people are seeking, its not in mediocre relationships, and its not even in marriage. Those things are great, but the one true love comes from Christ and his birth into a world that hated him, and crucified him, but it was all apart of God's plan. He was to die for their sins, so that by choosing Christ, they are choosing God, and they too can have eternal life in Heaven.

To me that sounds pretty easy, Loving Christ earns you a spot in heaven. I like that idea a lot. But its not about getting the spot in heaven, its about the relationship with your creator, that friendship.

This was entirely free written, including the poem.
I love you all, and I will be praying that all your travels during the holidays are safe and all your events are fun.

Have a very Merry Christmas.

- Joseph W.

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