Sunday, December 19, 2010

Questions with Quinton!!!


Hey guys! So today I will be doing a Q&A to answer some of your questions that you have been DYING to ask. ;) So without futher ado, let's get things started!

Orrin from Georgia: What is your favorite book of all time?

Quinton: Hey Orrin! There are a lot of good choices, but "Silverwing" by Kenneth Oppel takes it for me. Regualrs know how much I love this book, but it's about a bat who was seperated from his colony after getting their home burned down. Now he must save them from evil vampires bats that are framing them for crimes. I love the book for it's imagery and how perfectly he describes living in a bat's world, connecting it with human pain so flawlessly.

Kati from Monroe, Ohio: How do you keep going?

Hey Kati! Depends on what you mean. For writing, I have a great number of supporters, a lot of inspiration, and I like to finish everything that I start.

Bailey from Cincinnati, Ohio: Where so you get your inspriation to write?

Well Bailey, that changes depending on what I'm writing. But most of the time it's my friends or how I'm feeling at the time. However, books require more then that. Pieces inspiration came from a dear friend of mine, and it's kind of a way of me to get my pent-up frustration.

Eddy from Eau Claire, Wisconsin: Okay give me the winners and why- Michigan State/Alabama, TCU/Wisconsin(GO BADGERS!), Arkansas/Ohio State, Auburn/Oregon.

Sports question, I was waiting for this :D Okay in order: Bama 23-20 because Ingram is looking to increase his draft value and State won't have the talent or the magic for this one. TCU 31-17 because the Badgers won't be able to run on that TCU line and have played nothing but terrible teams late in the season so they got lucky to get in. Ohio State 23-22 because as good as Ryan Mallet is, I don't think he'll be on the field long enough to score enough points, and that defense for the razorbacks just doesn't seem tough enough to me to stop the buckeyes. Lastly, Oregon, 45-41, because I trust Oregon to play better team ball then Auburn, and to hold the ball longer away from Auburn. I am not too confident about Oregon or Ohio State, but I fell like both Arkansas and Auburn lack stars after Ryan Mallet and Cam Newton.

Alyssa from Dacula, Georgia: A lot of your writing an underlying concept of isolation and a sad tone to them, is there something that you have gone through in life that has caused that? Or do you simply write that way because it's your personal style?

Your not far off. It's really a mix of both. I have moved around alot, an dlost a few close friends, which really messed with my mind. To recover from it, I first sought comfort in sports. However, my teams were the Cavaliers, Bengals, and Ohio State. Only one of them is doing even remotely good anymore, so I switched to writing. My writing always has and almost always will reflect how I feel, so it took on that a tone of loneliness that you tend to always see. I have been writing like that for three years, so it stuck to my style.

Well guys that all i have for today, but if you would to ask me a question, e-mail me at and I'll post them in the next segment of Questions with Quinton. Until friday, I would to wish you a great break, and to always put life into words.


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