Sunday, December 26, 2010

A Small Tribute


Imagine a life without words.... oh how stupid mankind would be...

How was everyone's Christmas? Mine went well, got a new book to read and some great movies to watch. :D On a side-note however, I am suffering the ever continous illness called Writer's Block. :( So I went searching for a poem to give to you guys. Thing was, I couldn't quite find a poem that matched how I felt at the moment. So, I simply had to get over this block long enough to put life into words. I hope you enjoy it!

I've searched all my life
for the ability to say I was happy.
Life's ultimate luxury.

Yet so few understand
what it is they truly have.
They use the word so loosely,
a fore gone conclusion it'll always be there.

Those of us who are too unlucky,
to claim the same right,
are banished as freaks.
Yet I'm not longer sad.

I have friends a plenty.
A goal set.
And a skill I'm good at.
I'm happy.

I have acheived my luxury.
Yet all it is,
is a shiny ruby.
Because I'm happy,
but still empty.

So how'd you like it? Send to your comments to me or chris. And Happy Holidays!



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