Tuesday, December 14, 2010

I cant think of a title today

Hello again! Well Joseph's poem may not have had much to do with seasons changing yesterday, but mine sure does. The snow always puts me in a somewhat poetic mood. My favorite phrase to use to describe falling snowflakes is ''drifting gently like ballerina dancers dressed in white, twirling ever so softly''. Yeah, cheesy I know but sometimes the cheesy things are the best. Anyway, I just wrote this poem last night and thought I would share it. Because of its relative newness it is without editing and without a title, so bare with me.

Hot coco
and snowy drifts
Sleds and Snowmen
A cozy blanket by the fireplace
A smile and a book
as I watch a snowball fight transpire
outside my window
Laughing kids on sleds.
Racing down hills.
On this wonderful
memory making
day off
in mid-December.

I figured last night that I should write something to do with snow days considering most of the High Schools and Elementary Schools in my area were closed. It reminded me of one day last year where everyone in my neighborhood couldn't even get out of their driveways. All the kids came out to play. I stayed inside to watch while I drank Hot Chocolate.

~Anora Anakaya~

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