Friday, December 17, 2010

The Antidote for School Blues... WINTER BREAK!


So here's the first day that I will be working on my assigned day!

Winter = cuddling season

So to start off, I'm sure you have noticed the new festive background. ;) I made it specfically for the christmas holidays :D! Secondly, the crew have all been following a theme of "happiness" this week, so I'm pushing from my normally gloomly writing and bringing a taste of light-hearted happiness. So here's my post for the week.

     I’m lying on my bed; still in my street clothes from the awesome night I had hours earlier. My friends and I had just gone to see Tron Legacy, along with playing in the snow. Tron was easily one of the best movies I have ever seen, but that’s not what made this night stick out. No, it was simply because of one person who made the night first-rate.

     I rolled over in my bed, and spotted a picture in an orange and blue frame. In the photo were me and another girl. The girl who made my night notable. She had long dirty blond hair, which failed to glisten in the light. Her eyes were a cute blue, yet nothing more. Her body didn’t quite have that hourglass figure, but was still attractive to the eye. She didn’t have any exalted talents, yet she was above average at everything she did. She didn’t have the right answer all the time. She is just a normal to everyone else.

      To me however, she saved from my self-inflicted disease. She is my antidote. I may not be the happiest person alive, which may be the reasoning behind my lack of happy thoughts. I always thought that since I couldn’t have the first choice in life, I could never truly be happy. But if she’s the alternative… well then I guess I’ll be sleeping with a happy thought tonight. Now, all I have to is stop thinking long enough to actually sleep…

So how'd you like it? Check back in on Sunday for an additional post. ;) (hint, hint) Well my friends stay tune for Alex tomorrow, and remember to "Always put Life into Words".



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Anonymous said...

I love the background, very appropriate for this time of year. The post was awesome too.